Daniolos Law Firm The Firm The firm is the historical continuation of the law offices founded by George Daniolos in 1923 who commenced his practice as the legal advisor of Stamatis Embiricos then president of the Union of Greek Shipowners. In the ensuing years since its establishment our law office has merged and grown several times. It became a partnership under the name Daniolos-Zagoraios until late 1930s and subsequently G. & N.L.Daniolos. In 2002 it merged with Issaias Law Firm (established in the late 1920s) both primarily active in maritime law. In 2006 Daniolos-Issaias & Partners merged with corporate law firm Kyriakides-Georgopoulos forming KGDI Law Firm. In 2013 the shipping branch of KGDI continued its operation independently as Daniolos Law Firm. Areas of Practice Ship Sale and Purchase We represent both buyers and sellers in ship sale and purchase agreements involving all kinds of vessels (passenger, bulk carriers, tankers, gas carriers and yachts) registered under the Greek or foreign flags. Contact : Basil Spiliopoulos, Daphne Soroula Shipbuilding We have extensive experience in negotiating shipbuilding contracts with far east shipyards (Japan, China, South Korea). Contact : Basil Spiliopoulos, Daphne Soroula Shipfinance / IPOs We represent both Greek and foreign banks and Owners in drafting loan agreements and registering mortgages for vessels flying both Greek or foreign flags and we have considerable experience in the renegotiation and restructuring of financing arrangements. Contact : Basil Spiliopoulos, Katerina Avramidou We represent and provide legal advice to Greek Owners who listed their companies in US stock exchanges, both on matters of the procedure for the listing and organizational aspects of the listed companies. Contact : John Markianos-Daniolos Maritime Corporate Law and Tax We advise clients in all matters related to maritime companies, Greek and off shore and the organization and setting up of maritime businesses. Contact persons : Basil Spiliopoulos, John Markianos-Daniolos P&I Claims We represent all UK and Skandinavian P&I Clubs as well as the American P&I Club in all kinds of shipping related litigation. Personal injury Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with crew and passengers personal injury claims as well as crew illness cases. Our instructions usually include negotiations with the affected parties and if necessary defense litigation. Certain of the cases we have handled set precedents of the Supreme Civil Court. Contact : Dionyssis Constantinidis, John Markianos-Daniolos Collisions / Maritime accidents Our firm has been involved in most major maritime incidents that occurred within Greek waters and in many high profile accidents of Greek flagged/owned vessels abroad and we have experience in the establishment and operation of liability funds under the LLMC 1976/99 Convention. Contact : John Markianos-Daniolos Pollution We have experience in handling pollution cases acting either on behalf of P&I Clubs/Owners or the IOPC Funds. One of the major incidents that occurred within Greek waters in 1996, which we handled on behalf of the UK P&I Club, has set precedents with regard to the interpretation of the CLC/Fund 1969/92 Conventions. Contact : John Markianos-Daniolos, Basil Spiliopoulos Litigation We represent clients in all kinds of shipping related litigation and arbitration/mediation (such as shareholding disputes, damages due to maritime accidents etc) and we are particularly involved in defending claims against classification societies. In addition to the above our experience covers also litigation related to banking, real estate, commercial and civil matters. Contact: John Markianos-Daniolos, Evangelos Astras Civil / Commercial Law We handle a variety of civil and commercial law related cases for our shipping clients who invest in real estate and other businesses. Contact persons : John Markianos-Daniolos, Basil Spiliopoulos, Evangelos Astras Daniolos Law Firm 13, Defteras Merarchias Street • GR 18535 • Piraeus • GREECE SwitchBoard: [+30] 210 413 8800, [+30] 210 822 6801 Fax: [+30] 210 821 7869, [+30] 210 413 8809 daniolos@daniolos.gr Daniolos Law Firm has joined the “Digital Step” Action, that aims at the digital upgrading of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises. For more information please click here.